Vehicle Buyer Information

Important Notice:

In preparation for the expiration of Awards 22898 & 22904 on November 13, 2019, the deadlines for submitting Vehicle Request Forms (Form A) for posting under the current Awards will be: 
  • 22898 (Class 1-2) Vehicle Request Form submission deadline Friday, October 18, 2019.
  • 22904 (Class 3-8) Vehicle Request Form submission deadline Friday, October 11, 2019. From October 4, 2019 through October 11, 2019, all 22904 Mini-Bid postings will be for a 10-business day response period.

OGS anticipates that Award 23166, Vehicles, Class 1-8 (Statewide), which will replace Awards 22898 and 22904, will take effect on November 14, 2019. Information about how to submit vehicle requests for the new award will be posted on the OGS website and sent to Vehicle Marketplace users prior to November 14, 2019.

If you have an emergency purchase that needs to be made after the above Vehicle Request Form deadlines, but prior to November 14, 2019, please contact the Vehicle Marketplace team for assistance at [email protected]

Please note: All Purchase Orders must be received by the contractor by close of business on November 13, 2019. State Agencies that are hosted by the Business Services Center (BSC) should allow sufficient time for the BSC to process their Purchase Order.

Also, please continue to submit any outstanding Form Cs. 


Welcome to the New York State Vehicle Marketplace. It's where authorized users can acquire light duty vehicles (Class 1-2) and heavy duty trucks (Class 3-8) from a variety of vehicle dealers on contract (under awards 22898 and 22904) by having OGS post their vehicle needs (a mini-bid) for vehicle dealers on contract to respond to. This means there are more types of vehicles and manufacturers available on contract to compete for your business resulting in competitive pricing. Class 1-2 vehicles may be either purchased or leased through the Vehicle Marketplace, while Class 3-8 vehicles are available for purchase only.

Don't know exactly what you want? That's okay. We have a few recommendations for you:

  • If it's a heavy duty truck (Class 3-8), you can post a request for comment (RFC) instead. When you complete Form A, just indicate on the form that it's an RFC.  
  • For cars and trucks, don't be afraid to review the mini-bid results page to see what others have posted and review their mini-bid. 

How to Buy Vehicles

Buying a vehicle is easy. Just follow the steps below. For questions, contact [email protected].

  1. Identify your vehicle needs and develop specifications for your request. The request may be either for specific vehicles or for any vehicles that meet the specifications provided. Not sure where to start? Review existing mini-bid results to find past specifications.
  2. Obtain all necessary internal approvals. If you are not already an authorized user for OGS centralized contracts, contact OGS Customer Services at [email protected] to complete the eligibility application to receive your OGS Customer ID Number.  
  3. Next prepare your mini-bid by determining if your vehicle request is for Class 1-2 or Class 3-8. If your request is for a Class 3-8 vehicle, determine if you would like OGS to post your request as a request for comment (RFC) prior to issuing a mini-bid so that you can receive comments and suggestions from contractors regarding your request.
    • Class 1-2 includes light-duty vehicles used primarily to transport passengers and cargo (cars, vans, SUVs, half-ton or three-quarter-ton pickup trucks), with a gross vehicle weight rating less than or equal to 10,000 pounds. 
    • Class 3-8 includes trucks (chassis, bodies, or complete vehicles) that have a gross vehicle weight rating of greater than 10,000 pounds (also known as medium-heavy duty vehicles). This category includes one-ton pickup trucks. 
    • For more information, see the types of vehicles by class weight chart
  4. Complete Form A for your request and submit it to [email protected].  
  5. We will post your request on our website. For mini-bids, we will collect responses for you. If it is a request for comment (RFC), contractor responses will be sent directly to the identified contacts from Form A.
  6. After the mini-bid response closing date, we will email you all mini-bid responses we have received. Evaluate the responses and determine if you are going to award the mini-bid or not. 
  7. Communicate your decision to all the dealers on contract who responded using the templates provided.
  8. Submit your report of contract use by completing Form C and submitting it to [email protected]


The following vehicles and equipment can't be purchased through the Vehicle Marketplace. 

Heavy Construction Equipment: Equipment which is intended for heavy work including earthmoving, construction, lifting containers or materials, drilling holes in earth or rock, concrete or paving application or street sweeping (aerial lifts, large towable air compressors, generators, light towers, concrete saws, earth compactors, rollers, backhoes, motor graders, skid-steer loaders, bulldozers, wheel loaders, trenchers, utility tractors, excavators, forklifts, and sweepers), as well as other related attachments and equipment. If you are interested in heavy construction equipment use Award 22792. 

School Bus: Every motor vehicle owned, leased or contracted for by a school and operated for the transportation of pupils under the age of 21 years, children of pupils, teachers and other persons acting in the supervisory capacity, to or from school or school activities. If you are interested in school buses use Award 23000.

Transit Bus: A rubber-tired automotive vehicle used for the provision of public transportation service. If you are interested in transit buses use Award 22945.

Helpful Resources

For Cars, SUVs, Vans, & Light Duty Trucks (Class 1-2)

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